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Transcriptional regulation in inflammation.


Emerging data show the critical role of the transcription factor TonEBP(NFAT5) in inflammatory diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, atherosclerosis, and chronic  kidney disease.


Research Interests

1. Cellular and molecular pathways of TonEBP action

2. Pathology of inflammatory diseases using mouse models focusing on diabetic nephropathy

3. TonEBP in brain disorder


Ongoing Research Topics(selected)

1. Mouse models of chronic kidney disease focusing on diabetic nephropathy

2. Molecular and cellular action of TonEBP in macrophages and immune cells

3. Development of anti - inflammatory agents targeting TonEBP

4. TonEBP in the pathogenesis of vascular injury- atherosclerosis and neointima formation

5. TonEBP in appetite regulation and depression

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